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FOI Appeals

Please visit our Freedom Of Information section for information on complaints concerning an FOI Request

Purpose of Guidelines

The purpose of these Guidelines is to set forth the policies and procedures to be followed in receiving, handling and responding to any complaint against the Treasury Department.

It is the intention of the Treasury Department to provide prompt and fair resolution of complaints in accordance with all legal and regulatory guidelines. The policies and procedures outlined in this document, therefore, must be fully understood and diligently followed by those personnel engaged in the complaint handling process.

This guide will be updated periodically.

Complaints Definition

A complaint is any documented oral or written statement (including emails and faxes) from a complainant who alleges a grievance involving the business or scope of activities of the Treasury Department.

A grievance is a circumstance thought by the complainant to be unjust and injurious.

These Guidelines do not cover employee related complaints received from staff. Such employee related grievances are covered under the Personnel Regulations, 2006 and are handled by agency management and/or the Accountant General.

Complaints Documentation

The Treasury Department will have available the following information, whether by leaflet, form or posted on its web-site:

  1. How to make a complaint
  2. To whom to address the complaint
  3. Documents and information which should be produced with the complainant
  4. When the complainant should expect a response
  5. Any other information which may be of relevance to the Treasury Department and the complainant

Complaints Procedures

If another agency receives the complaint, the complaint and/or complainant should be informed of the internal complaints procedure (as stated above) and referred to the Complaints Coordinator.

The Complaints Coordinator shall:

Complaints Form

This form should be used for filing complaints against the Treasury Department.

  • Receive the complaints whether in writing, in person or by way of telephone
  • Log the complaint in the Treasuryís mail-log system
  • Review the Complaints Form (see Appendix A) and attached documentation to ensure it is properly completed. The Complaints Coordinator should personally document the complaint if the complaint is by telephone and the complainant is not able to complete the Complaint Form.
  • Acknowledge the receipt of the complaint by completing the Acknowledgement of Complaint Receipt Letter (see Appendix B) and sending to complainant within 3 working days of receipt.
  • Forward the complaint to the Complaint Manager for action
  • Maintain records of all complaints received and actioned including complaints forms, supporting documentation, acknowledgement of complaint receipt letter and resolution letters. All complaint records will be filed in a secured cabinet and access will be restricted to the Complaints Coordinator and Manager.

The Complaints Manager shall:

  • Normally settle the complaint within 30 working days from the receipt of the complaint
  • Respond in a reasonable manner to all complaints and dealing with complaints in an efficient and effective manner. The resolution letter shall indicate the reasons for the decision and should be sufficiently detailed to suit the nature of the complaint.
  • Liaise with the complainant regarding resolution timelines and tentative resolutions
  • Maintain records which provide general information on the Departmentís complaints including the total number of complaints received within a period of time; a breakdown by type of complaint received; the number of complaints not resolved, out of which the number of complaints referred to the Complaints Commissioner.
  • Forward copies of the complaints and resolutions to agency management and to the Complaints Commissioner if requested
  • Review the status of the complaints on a regular basis to ensure compliance with agreed timelines
  • Provide reports on information as maintained in (d) above, when requested.
  • Follow-up with the complainant to ensure satisfaction.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution, the Complaint Manager may refer the complainant to the Complaints Commissioner.

All complaints must be handled with confidentiality and privacy.

Contact Information - Complaints Coordinator and Complaints Manager

Complaints Coordinator Complaints Manager
Ms. Daun Alleyne
Treasury Department
1st Floor, Government Administration Building
Elgin Avenue, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Phone: 345-244-2102
Mrs. Debra Welcome
Treasury Department
1st Floor, Government Administration Building
Elgin Avenue, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Phone: 345-244-2115

Last Updated: 2008-12-03

Last Updated 2011-11-29