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A Class of Information is a way of collecting together similar types of information. The Department of Treasury has grouped its Classes of Information into broad categories, by functions which reflect the Treasury’s major areas of responsibility. If you are intending to make a request, the following Classes of Information will help you explain more precisely which records you are seeking, or where the information may be found:

Function – Financial Asset Management

Administering Government cash flows, investments, reserves and trust assets. Managing Executive bank accounts and the movement of funds for the core government. Forecasting and reporting on aggregate cash position for Core Government.

  • Disbursements
  • Government Savings
  • Planning
  • Policy
  • Reporting
  • Trust Management

Function – Government Accounting

Preparing financial forecasts and reports for the Entire Public Sector. Offering advice to the Financial Secretary with regard to Treasury matters. Providing financial management services for Ministries, Portfolios and the Executive. Administering Government's financial information systems.

For Treasury’s internal accounting processes, SEE Financial Management.

  • Advising
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Debt Recovery
  • Financial Services (Payments & Payroll)
  • Forecasting
  • Guidance
  • Iris Management
  • Planning
  • Policy
  • Reviewing
  • Reporting
  • Training

Function – Public Debt Management

Administering and reporting on programmes to raise funds to finance government expenditure, in accordance with fiscal policy. Managing the repayment of public borrowings.

  • loan negotiation
  • loan management
  • policy
  • reporting

Function – Secretariat Support

Administering or providing administrative services and assistance to high-level Committees, Boards, Advisory Councils etc. – as listed in the E-Publication Scheme.

Includes: records of the body’s establishment, appointment of members, terms of reference, proceedings, minutes of meetings, reports, and agenda.

Excludes: records of internal committees and general agency meetings. USE the relevant administrative or operational function.

  • Advising
  • Arrangements
  • Establishment
  • Proceedings
  • Reporting
  • Research & Development

Last Updated: 2008-12-03

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