Entire Public Sector (EPS) Unit

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The EPS Unit is charged with the responsibility of the Government’s financial reporting. To this end, the Unit produces consolidated Financial Statements. A principal support function relates to the maintenance and development of the central accounting system in order to ensure accurate and timely processing and reporting of financial transactions. They assist the Accountant General recommend suitable accounting policies in compliance with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), the Public Management and Finance Law (2012 Revision) and Financial Regulations (2010 Revision) and a general adherence to best practices.

The Unit comprises four (4) persons as listed below.

The full team is:-

Sheila Thomas – Manager, EPS Reporting
E-mail: Sheila.thomas@gov.ky Ext. 244-2197

Randy Myles - Deputy Manager, EPS Reporting
E-mail: Randy.myles@gov.ky Ext. 244-2139

Lorna Jackson – Senior EPS Accountant
E-mail: Lorna.jackson@gov.ky Ext. 244-2100

Carlene Watler-Scott - Senior EPS Accountant
E-mail: Carlene.watler-scott@gov.ky Ext. 244-2126

Last Updated 2014-01-02