Organisation and Functions

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The nature and scope of business of the Treasury Department is to prepare annual consolidated core government forecast and financial statements: cash management and forecasting: negotiation, evaluation and management of government borrowings: financial management services for Ministries/Portfolios and the Executive; promote the use of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) in the core government and the management of delegated Trusts Assets (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty – MLAT; Defunct Companies; Dormant Accounts).

The Treasury Department is also responsible for the collection of environmental protection fees, cruise ship departure charges, debit transaction fees and Stamp Duty on Insurance other than Life.


Cash Management Unit (CMU)

The Cash Management Unit operates under Part V of the Financial Regulations (2010 Revision). It falls under the auspices of the Financial Secretary and forms part of the Treasury Department within the Ministry of Finance, Tourism & Development. It is responsible for core government’s centralized banking system, financing activities, reserves and investments. Its delegation includes the development and application of policies, procedures and processes to facilitate cash management functions.

The unit’s functions consist of managing government’s suite of bank accounts, working capital and funding activities for ministries, portfolios, statutory authorities and government companies for outputs, capital projects, investments and reserves. It serves as a conduit to the Financial Secretary in negotiating and securing core government’s borrowing and provides for the subsequent management and administration of loan instruments. The unit lends itself to planning, organizing and performing financial services on behalf of Ministries and Portfolios, as well as managing and overseeing the Treasury’s interest rate regime.

Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation team is responsible for the Bank Reconciliation function of all Ministries and Portfolios and falls under the ambit of the Cash Management unit. It is comprised of 5 team members, supervised by Jane Ebanks, Senior EPS Reporting Accountant

Cash Management Unit is comprised of one senior manager, 8 professional and technical staff members and one clerical officer.

The full team is:-

Evelyn McTaggart – Deputy Manager, Fund & Cash Flow
E-mail: Ext. 244 2114

Susan Smith – Cash Management Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2128

Charles McCoy – Systems Accountant
E-mail: Ext. 244 2124

Jane Ebanks - Senior EPS Accountant
E-mail: Ext. 244-2129

David Levy – Cash Management Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2127

Delane Hurlston – Bank Reconciliation Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244-2122

Jacqueline Miranda – Bank Reconciliation Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244-2107

Dale Connor – Bank Reconciliation Officer
Email: Ext. 244-2123

Edith Prendergast – Bank Reconciliation Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244-2144

Merline Answer-Watkins – Clerical Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2134.

Entire Public Sector (EPS) UNIT

The EPS Unit is charged with the responsibility of the Government’s financial reporting. To this end, the Unit produces consolidated Financial Statements. A principal support function relates to the maintenance and development of the central accounting system in order to ensure accurate and timely processing and reporting of financial transactions. They assist the Accountant General recommend suitable accounting policies in compliance with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), the Public Management and Finance Law (2012 Revision) and Financial Regulations (2010 Revision) and a general adherence to best practices.

The Unit comprises four (4) persons as listed below.

The full team is:-

Sheila Thomas – Manager, EPS Reporting
E-mail: Ext. 244-2197

Randy Myles - Deputy Manager, EPS Reporting
E-mail: Ext. 244-2139

Lorna Jackson – Senior EPS Accountant
E-mail: Ext. 244-2100

Carlene Watler-Scott - Senior EPS Accountant
E-mail: Ext. 244-2126

Debt Recovery Unit

This unit is charged with the responsibility to monitor, manage and collect government’s arrears of revenue and bad debts. Functions also include taking legal action to recover overdue accounts on behalf of Ministries, Portfolios, Departments and other government related entities and to recover overdue executive revenue on behalf of Cabinet. Manage and administer all loans made by Government including loans granted to employees, the “Save the Mortgage Programme”, private sector entities and other individuals.

The Unit is headed by a Manager and he/she is supported by four members of staff.

The full team is:

Manager, Debt Recovery Unit, - Currently vacant.
E-mail: Ext. 244 2141

Shiann Nalty-Palmer – Credit & Debt Administrator
E-mail: Ext. 244 2135

Jairia Barton – Debt Recovery Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2117

Noel Robinson – Debt Recovery Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2116

Georgina Williams – Debt Recovery Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2140

Payments & Payroll Unit

The Payments and Payroll Unit provide financial management services to Ministries and Portfolios including processing of payroll related payments to all government employees and cheque processing for creditor payments as requested by Ministries and Portfolios.

The Unit is supervised by the Payments and Payroll Manager who is assisted by four Payments and Payroll officers.

The full team is:

Ruthann Campeau – Payments & Payroll Manager
E-mail: Ext. 244 2103

Eric Smith – Payments & Payroll Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2101

Camillee Beckford - Payments & Payroll Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2142

Temar Clarke - Payments & Payroll Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2104

Jenny Miller - Payments & Payroll Officer
E-mail: Ext. 244 2118

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