Strategic Management

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The Ministry of Finance, Tourism & Development (Public Finance) administering the authority’s operations at the organisational level; developing business plans and corporate policy; setting long-term goals and objectives; evaluating the agency’s overall performance and progress towards established targets; managing programs to improve business processes and ensure consistent service delivery; preparing or revising laws and other regulatory instruments that affect the authority’s functions and responsibilities; obtaining legal advice from external sources using the laws that regulate the function of government entities.

Governance & Legislation

In relation to performing the Treasury function, the primary legislation and regulation are:

  • Public Management & Finance Law (2012 Revision) (PMFL)
  • Public Management & Finance Law Regulations (2010 Revision)

Corporate Management

High-level documents that plan and evaluate the work of the authority are:-

  • 2012/13 Annual Budget Statements
  • Treasury’s 2011 Continuity Plan

Finance & Administration

Administering the authority’s internal functions and managing its resources efficiently and effectively. This includes the management of monetary resources; material resources; human resources; information resources; and relationships with clients, the public and other government agencies.

General Nature of Activities

The general activities of the Treasury is to prepare consolidated core government forecast and financial statements, cash management and forecasting, loan negotiation, evaluation and management of government borrowings, financial management services for Ministries / Portfolios and the Executive. To promote the use of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) in the entire (EPS).

Financial Management*

  • Annual Budget Statements
  • Cayman Armoured Courier Services Contract
  • Credit Card Policy Doc.

*Copies can be obtained upon request from the Information Manager


  • Press Releases
  • Job vacancies; career opportunities
  • Training
  • Staff pay and grading structures – Organizational Chart
  • Records Management file plan or classification scheme.

*Copies can be obtained upon request from the Information Manager.

Last Updated 2013-11-26